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The Odessa Nemo Culture-Health center

There are Cultural and recreational complexes «Nemo» in the four largest cities of Ukraine, Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Donetsk

The main purpose of creating our systems is the organization of the most comfortable and  high quality environment for our pets, and for our guests.

Our facilities provide a range of services
— entertaining presentation both for kids and adults
— environmental education for children and youth
— scientific study of the Dolphin
— rescue and rehabilitation of dolphins injured in the high seas
— comfortable hotel holiday
— dolphin therapy

Odessa Culture and Health complex «Nemo» was firs opened in 2005
The Dolphinarium was designed and built according to international standards. Content of marine mammals meets all the requirements and approval of the Convention. The fact that for the first time during last 10 years among all the dolphinariums in Ukraine in Odessa dolphinarium a dolphin was born, tells us about the conditions of life of the sea animals in the centre and about the professionals who work here. This fact has attracted much media attention, including international ones. Experts Ltd Nerum and Odessa Dolphinarium on maintenance and education of marine mammals are the specialists with many years of experience in dealing with marine animals Uryvsky DA, Komogorov EV, Mironova IV, Mironov DV have been working in Odessa Dolphinarium «Nemo» forfive years. And today, a gem by the sea — one of the best resorts in Ukraine, can boast its dolphinarium which is within the top five dolphinariums of Europe. During this time the Dolphinarium «Nemo» has become one of the leading places in the list of beautiful sights of Odessa.

The next project which was made in Odessa was the first European hotel with dolphins.
The hotel is 5 minutes from the historical center of Odessa in the first line of the sea. It is situated 50 meters from the coastline and is the closest hotel to the sea in Odessa! Our clients can to watch the dolphins all day long from the windows of their rooms. They can see how the dolphins wake up, have fun with each other and the people, how they act during the shows. All guests have free access to Nemo presentation and the aquarium.

In 2007 we began to conduct first lessons on the dolphin therapy in Odessa dolphinarium. We picked up a qualified staff consisting of specialists in defectology, Rehabilitation, Psychology, etc. Thanks to our common efforts authoring program services to children with various developmental disabilities were created. We have gathered a research team headed by prof. AP Chuprikova, who has been researching the impact of dolphin therapy on children and adults. Every year, new programs: therapy during pregnancy, dolphin therapy for adults, corporate trainings appear.

     The main advantage of the dolphin therapy in Odessa is a unique set of services that is unparalleled in Europe. It combins a comfortable hotel on the Black Sea, a restaurant with panoramic views of the Gulf of Odessa, Dolphinarium which consists of five swimming pools, entertainment program involving marine mammals, Oceanarium as well as professional staff of specialists who provide dolphin therapy, coaches, speech pathologists and psychologists. We provide quality service and individual approach to both private and corporate customers.

     Today we are building Rehabilitation Centre for Dolphin Therapy, which, along with a hotel and a pool for the dolphin therapy will include a full range of services aimed at treatment and rehabilitation of children. They are: diagnostic facilities, equipped rooms of physicians, psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, as well as various methods of hardware treatment