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Course of Dolphin Therapy

Our dolphin therapy course is task-oriented, therapeutic, correctional, and rehabilitative in respect to the specific condition of each child. Through conferences with the parents and diagnosis of the child, an individual program for development and treatment is formulated to satisfy the needs of your child.

The dolphin, in this situation, is the catalyst which begins the mechanism of therapy. The group of specialists working with the dolphin and the child, focus on the main objectives for the child is development and improvement before and/or after each session.

Our dolphin therapy course consists of 5 — 10 lessons, each lasting 30 minutes.

Every lesson includes 2 components:
- communication, i.e. direct interaction between dolphin and child
- play therapy which is made up of a range of exercises and tasks to be performed by the child in order to develop his motor skills and cognitive abilities.

The cost of one lesson is 50 USD for ukrainian citizens and 100EUR for foreigners.

To apply on the course please fill up the application form.