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Doiphin Therapy method

Dolphin therapy sessions results:

— the improving the child is coordination process
— increasing the rate of mastery of new motor skills
— stabilizing mood
— raising self-confidence
— developing the communicative sphere
— accelerating the process of mastering new knowledge and thought development.

During the procedure, the dolphin becomes a real friend for the child. Intimate contact and interaction with the dolphin is a starting point for further changes. The dolphin leads the child in the process of play, drawing attention to himself and challenging a response reaction from its playmate. Dolphins have the ability of inter-species communication that allows them to find different modes of contact, flexibly altering their behavior depending on the characteristics of the partner is interaction.
The child becomes interested in the dolphin and the dolphin takes interest in the child as well. This mutual interest leads to the prospect of change, which opens up new possibilities. Communication between the dolphin and child occurs beyond the boundaries of words and traditional means, and is archetypical and natural. For a child who has problems with motor skill and cognitive process development, this dolphin play is an invitation to develop and master new functions.