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Attention deficit syndrome or hyperactivity disorder

Child psychiatrists affirm that hyperactive children are the children with a pronounced hyperdynamic syndrome. The main manifestations of the hyperdynamic syndrome (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) include excessive restlessness, fidgeting and motor mobility of the child.

Hyperactivity in children is manifested primarily in impaired motor skills. Hyperactive child moves inaccurately, angularly and sweepy. Such children sometimes have difficulty in teeth cleaning by themselves, washing and going to the toilet by themselves. Another characteristic of hyperactivity is excessive perspiration.

American Classification of Diseases DSM-IV distinguishes three types of this violation:

— syndrome, which combines attention deficit and hyperactivity;

— attention deficit disorder without hyperactivity;

— hyperactivity without attention deficit disorder.


The first is the most common variant of the disease — a combination of hyperactivity and inattention. In second place - is a type without hyperactivity. It is more common in girls than in boys. For such children is characteristic to withdraw and head in the clouds.
The third type, without disorders of attention may be a manifestation of how certain disorders of the Central nervous system and individual properties of temperament. In addition, impaired attention children who suffer from neuroses and neurotic reactions.

Hyperactive children are often called "fidgets" or "Ulai", so they never can hold still.At school such children write simple and blots. They are very inattentive, not assembled, continuously shifting from one task to another and get distracted for any reason in the classroom. It is very difficult to sit at a Desk all lesson.

If your child is similar to a hyperactive child, you should consult with a child psychologist with this problem. Don it forget that the diagnosis should be provided by a qualified specialist!

One more fact is important — hyperactive children are very talented. They have high intelligence and are extraordinary in everything. If they still managed to focus on something, their success is guaranteed. Bill Gates, Einstein are the brightest examples of children with ADHS.

That is why, you should try to help your baby and take a complex approach in the treatment of hyperactivity. One of the most effective methods of treatment of hyperactive children is a dolphin therapy method.

Dolphins are very communicative, kind and sociable. While seeing these beautiful animals, very few people experience anxiety. Children especially reach out for them. Even those children, who can it move, are still trying to communicate.

After the dolphin therapy sessions hyperactive children become more calm, and learn to concentrate their attention.