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People say quite a lot about autism recently. First and foremost, it is necessary to give a definition to this disease. Autism is a mental disorder that is associated with impaired brain function. Manifestations of this disease are frank and comprehensive deficit of social interaction and communication, restricted interests and repetitive actions. Manifestations of autism appear at the age up to three years.

Infantile autism effects speech development and establishment of social contacts. As a rule, an autistic child ignores any attempts to communicate with him or actively rejects and avoids them.  

It is difficult to make a diagnosis even for an expert. But, in any case, a neuropsychiatrist has to diagnose early infantile autism. It is also necessary to take into account that treatment of autism presumes complex approach.  

Provided that the diagnosis is autism with such characteristics as early inception, child is separation from the family and the outside world, delays and deviations in mental development as well as delays in speech development and general speech underdevelopment as well as body defences reduction (especially immune system) the course of dolphin therapy is the direct indication.

To achieve maximum results, it is necessary to take at least one and preferably two courses. The course consists of 10-15 lessons 40 minutes each. In order to fix the result, the course has to be repeated at least once a year.

Under the influence of the dolphin therapy sessions, developed by the specialists of cultural-recreational complex «Nemo», the child is communication with the outside world improves, an "eye contact" appears, the mood and appetite also improve, daytime sleep appears and night sleep gets deeper, first words emerge as well as vocabulary expands.

The counter-indication is a complication of infantile autism followed by the disintegrative mental disorder with hysterical and unbalanced behaviour.