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Down syndrome

Nowadays, Down syndrome is one of the most common genetic disorders. According to the statistics, for 600-800 newborn children one child is born with Down syndrome. The term «Down Disease» is also used very often. At that, quite often it is believed that this «disease» is incurable.

This point should be clarified a bit. Down syndrome — is not a disease. The term «syndrome» implies a certain set of traits or characteristics. The cause of Down syndrome is an extra chromosome.

Each human is cell typically contains 46 chromosomes, which are located in pairs — half from the mother and half from the father. People with Down syndrome in the 21th pair have an additional chromosome. «Down syndrome» may be diagnosed only by the geneticist. For this purpose, it is necessary to do a blood test that will show the presence of an extra chromosome.

Up to now, the scientists can it explain the cause of this genetic anomaly. Lifestyle, ethnicity, educational level or social status of the child is parents do not affect the presence or absence of Down syndrome. There is no anyone is fault in the birth of the baby with this syndrome.

Despite the diagnosis, children with Down syndrome can learn to walk, talk, read, write and generally do most of what other children can do. Of course, they need to be provided with the adequate living environment, education programs, visits of specialists and therapy.

Treatment of Down Syndrome

The treatment of Down syndrome is reduced to the correction and rehabilitation. Apart from special programs and medical sessions the treatment should involve the course of dolphin therapy. Swimming with dolphins is aimed at solving the problems connected with the Down syndrome. During the sessions, the child gets the opportunity of making friends with a «marine doctor». Dolphins help to activate the brain operation and to give your child unforgettable emotions and impressions. The least studied effect of the dolphin therapy is though very notable. Many professionals, who have been working with dolphins for a long time, affirm that these wonderful animals treat their «patients» with ultrasound.

To learn more about the dolphin therapy, please visit the cultural and recreational complex «Nemo» web-site.