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Dolphin therapy for pregnant women

 One of the most unstable psycho-emotional states is a condition of a woman who expects the emergence of the baby. A pregnant woman is not only emotionally unstable; all mental processes are undergoing significant changes. Women that have gone through this period, mark it as a quite different and very strong level of experience, specific in the complex of sensations.
Both positive and negative emotions effect the body of a pregnant woman in the strongest way.
     Worries and fears, particularly related to pregnancy, cause biochemical changes in the body. One of these biochemical changes is in developing catecholamines, which causes narrowing of the arteries and reduce blood flow to internal organs. Dolphins have been causing awe and admiration in people is hearts since the ancient times. Dolphins have been associated with something mystical and mysterious, they have been loved and worshiped. Friendly attitude of dolphins to a man is a unique phenomenon, which causes positive changes in the field of psycho-emotional sphere of a person while communicating with dolphins. Positive emotions, experienced when communicating with dolphins, diminish the possible impact of traumatic stress factors on the psycho-emotional sphere of people, and, of course, of a pregnant woman.
     Water enables easy and free movement, sensation of flight.  It is beneficial to the future mother and her baby. And dolphins, these mysterious creatures, will be able to draw a picture with you and for you. And this picture will remind you of this wonderful event.
     Under the leadership of perinatal psychologist you will have the opportunity to acquire the skills of relaxation, using the experience of communication with dolphins. This will give you the opportunity to use these techniques during childbirth and postpartum period of adaptation.
     Influence of the future mother on her child development in the womb is indisputable and is determined not only by heredity, but also by features of the emotional state during pregnancy. Anxiety, which affects her own nervous system, surelly affects her child. The baby is continuously capturing the sensations, feelings, thoughts, which the surrounding world causes in its mother is soul.
— Finding of creative ways of behavior during pregnancy contributes to greater awareness of the joy of motherhood, their own femininity, which will become an inexhaustible resource for further interaction with the baby.

   Odessa Dolphinarium provides a unique opportunity to communicate with these amazing animals, to receive a good mood, to communicate with them, to swim with them in the pool. During pregnancy, a woman feels particularly easy and free in the water.
Schedule of classes:
1. Communication with dolphins, stroking, the game. (10 min.)
2. Swimming with dolphins to a specially selected music. (10 min.)
3. Common drawing in pairs-a dolphin and a woman held for a subsequent interaction in pairs during childbirth, postpartum interaction with the baby. (5min.)
4. Relaxation to the music to which you have been interacting with the dolphin. (25min.)
5. Using a nautical theme in art therapy at follow-up sessions to prepare for childbirth.
6. Art therapy aimed at the adoption of the child, the woman is motherhood, to the music to which you have been interacting with the dolphin. (35 min)
7. Using the image of a dolphin, the experience of communicating with it, to acquire the skills of self-control, breathing techniques, contact improvisation.
8. Body art with the assistance of a dolphin, and then using meaningful images and symbols, in subsequent studies.