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Relaxation program of Dolphin therapy

 Nowadays business leaders understand how important it is to establish good relations between employees of a firm, as a successful team work is possible only with a healthy atmosphere in the team, a creative approach to work and a positive emotional attitude of staff. Standard programs of team building and corporate parties have outlived themselves.
     We propose a new kind of corporate leisure — «Relaxation program of dolphin therapy»
— Relaxation program of swimming with dolphins will help to organize a non-standard active entertainment for your employees.
— Swimming and communication with dolphins is one of the best ways of:
— Lifting the corporate spirit of your company
— Appreciating your customers, employees, distributors, dealers for the excellent work
— Encouraging and stimulating your best employees
— Is a great opportunity to unite and motivate the working group and to strengthen its team spirit.
— As a result of our program you can improve the performance of managers of your company, motivate creative approach to work and make every employee feel a part of the team, be proud of it and try to achieve their goals.
— Booking a program of dolphin therapy for your company you will help its prosperity and development.

Participation in our relaxation program of dolphin therapy is:
— A reflection of the success of your company;
— A way to establish new business contacts, create long-term relationship;
— An opportunity to thank and reward your best employees;
— A way to remind about your professionalism and reliability;
— A part of an advertising company, as happy and satisfied employees are the best advertisement for any company
— A relaxation exercise, which allows to improve the psychological state, to remove the emotional stress of every employee.
— An important moment in the holding of the dolphin therapy session on the basis of cultural and recreational complex «Nemo» is an opportunity to combine business programs (conferences, seminars, presentations, etc.) and entertainment.
Our program includes:
— Corporate Games
— Tasks of Teambuilding
— Exercises on muscle relaxation
— Autogenic training
— Techniques of meditation, breathing relaxation techniques
— Swimming with dolphin
— Visit to the show program, the Oceanarium and ekzotarium
— Banquet
— Our Relaxation Program has been designed for middle and senior managers. It allows them not only to relax and get positive emotions, which are so necessary in their daily activities, but also to improve the ability to work. It helps to be successful, and facilitates effective collaboration within the team.
— The classes are held in groups of 5 — 15 people. The program lasts for 2 days.