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Anatoly Chuprikov: animaloterapiya helps children with special needs

In Kiev, April 4, 2013 was held All-Ukrainian conference of the Ministry of Education and Science «Modern approaches to the organization of work in preschool children with special needs», which was attended by 200 teachers and psychologists from around the country. On the eve of the conference, on April 2nd, it was the International Day for the dissemination of information on child autism, approved by the UN. It is therefore not surprising that most of the discussion at the conference was to help children with autism.

Scientific Director of the Dolphinarium «Nemo», Professor of child psychiatry NMAPE named after P. L. Shupyk Anatoly Chuprikov handed to all who came tutorial MES «autism spectrum Disorder», which for the first time in Ukraine presented to the head of the animal-assisted therapy.

«Animaloterapiya is one of the effective methods of helping children with special needs, and today among its areas of great interest is the dolphin», - said Anatoly Chuprikov and added that there is a very important manifestation of early diagnosis of autism in particular children. «To get good results in working with autistic children, parents, doctors, teachers and psychologists need to combine their efforts to constantly exchange experience and practical experience. This is what happens in the dolphinarium where the dolphins are helping sick kiddies»,- summed up the head of the scientific dolphinarium «Nemo» community.

Presiding at the conference, Deputy Minister of education and science Boris Zhebrovsky welcomed the report A. Chuprikova about the ways sensory integration children with autism and the movie about the Dolphin therapy.

The conference participants unanimously supported the idea of Boris Zhebrovsky that in a challenging helping children with special needs the unity of specialists in different areas: special needs teachers, psychologists, doctors, animaloterapiya and others should be welcome to join!

Recall that the Dolphin therapy in the Dolphinarium «Nemo» is one of the important activities, with many good examples.