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Nature, which treats

In Kiev the unique scientific-practical seminar on animaloterapiya.

It is becoming increasingly popular non-drug methods of treatment in the world. One of them, namely animaloterapiya, scientific and practical seminar was dedicated. In Japan, for example, office workers already use viewing of video with dolphins to relieve fatigue and improve performance.

November 26 Institute of Correctional Pedagogy and Psychology of the National Pedagogical University. N.P.Dragomanova and dolphinarium «Nemo» International network together with the leading scientists in the field of animaloterapiya the first time in Kiev held a scientific and practical seminar «Modern animaloterapiya system pedagogical-correction techniques help children with disabilities».

Scientists and employees of leading network dolphinariums in Ukraine have shared with students and teachers practical experience in working with children with physical and mental disorders using animalo- and zootherapy. Future correctional educators and psychologists have learned that the incredible results worldwide reach due to doctors trained to work with children to animals - horses, dogs and dolphins, as well as in the distant past, to improve the condition of children with complicated diagnoses, from which sometimes refuses to official medicine. Animaloterapiya particular importance, in particular, dolphin therapy acquires the pregnant and relatively healthy people. Attraction animaloterapiya in its various forms is possible in complex treatment of a variety of diseases.

The main speaker of the seminar - Professor Lyudmila Lukina (SIC Sevastopol oceanarium State Ministry of Defence) shared her many years of research in the field of dolphin. Sevastopol secret organization, which contained and studied dolphins in the early '90s came to a reconciliation of their developments with the medicine - the so-dolphin was born in the Ukraine. At the moment, the dolphins work exclusively with psychosomatic disorders.

According to scientists, up to 90% of children now have some deviations in health status. The factors that affect it, the shortcomings of socio-pedagogical work with children, long-term mental deprivation, somatic debility of the child and emotional disorders. Of course, different approaches are used in the Dolphin therapy for people with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome and other disorders. It should be noted that in this area are used only by specially trained animals. Dolphin, due to the peculiarities of the structure of the body, feels the condition of the child and has a complex effect on him. His presence, first of all, is the child a vivid emotional response, raising his skills to a new level. The permanent presence of a psychologist, a doctor and the coach provides the desired therapeutic effect. Scientists emphasize that in each case it is different and depends on many factors, but the particular result is always that especially important for parents and children with emotional disorders. The development of speech, the verticalization with cerebral palsy and many other important goals achieved delfinoterapii. 

Bogdan Popovski, head of the dolphin chain «Nemo», spoke about the role of the psychologist work with the children during the sessions of dolphin - the report particularly interested audience. «This is a promising direction is actively developed and is becoming popular worldwide Efficiency dolphin in» Nemo «attracts young patients from around the world», - Said Bogdan Popovski. Its popularity has led to the creation of this year in Odessa, cultural and recreational center of the dolphin, which includes traditional methods and dolphin therapy. His head Natalia Wasilewska told about services and techniques that are used here - physical therapy, sensory room, a diagnostic study, a speech therapist, psychologist, etc. Years of experience gives you the opportunity in the near future on the basis of the data to make comprehensive conclusions about the effectiveness of the dolphin therapy in the rehabilitation of various diseases. This work has already begun.

Report of clinical psychologist Kyiv City maternity hospital №5 Eugenia Igrunova was devoted to work with pregnant dolphins. After examining 400 cases of dolphin therapy sessions for pregnant women revealed that dolphin Nellie with 90% accuracy in Kiev dolphinarium able to determine the sex of the child. Integrated same effect dolphin and aquatic environment in a special technique with pregnant dolphin has diverse positive impact on maternal and child health.

«If the Dolphin activates the child, hippotherapy rather calming effect», - said the hippotherapist and psychologist Anna Burago. Well-developed musculature of the horse gentler on the whole body of the child, therefore, first of all, therapists use horses in cerebral palsy. The horse becomes a kind of simulator in this case.

Canistherapy - treatment with dogs. Man's best friend for more than 30 000 years is close by and cures of diseases. Studies have shown - the dogs are beneficial to health, especially cardiovascular diseases. Cats, by the way, - in disorders of the nervous system.

The seminar was attended by about 300's professionals: physicians, pediatricians, speech therapists, psychologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, as well as future experts-senior students. After the scientific part, which was held at the Institute of Correctional Pedagogy is the psychology of NHRIs them. N.P.Dragomanova, held practical training - a show dolphin session on the basis of the Kyiv City dolphinarium «Nemo». At the end of the interdisciplinary seminar, all participants visited the day representation of marine dolphin artists.

«In our workshop was attended by the president and director of Ukraine Medical Outreach American James Pippen and his staff This American Medical Mission makes an important contribution to the improvement of care for children with special needs After the seminar, he answered the questions of those present, and the most positive way assessed reports of the participants..», - He stressed professor, MD, z.d.n.t., the moderator of the seminar held Anatoly Chuprikov.

The workshop participants expressed hope for further fruitful cooperation in the following, has an international scientific event, which is planned for next year.